Our Roofing Material Handling System is so favored by companies we actually won a safety award in 2014!


The Complete system 1: Hoseless VacuJib crane, Vacuum Lifter, Lift table

This photo is a prime example of what we have to offer- a portable jib crane (namely the VacuJib, a patented Aimco hoseless jib that has the vacuum power running through it), vacuum lifter, and a lift table. The particular lift assist featured in this photo is customized to lift bundles of shingles. Its end effector can change according to needs of the facility.

Zoom shot of the portable base.

Here is the portable base. It is so easy to move- a pallet jack can do the trick!

Two options for power.

Being that it is portable and all, we figured it might be a good idea to give it two power options- gas and electric!